Exciting Changes at CAIR-Chicago


As you know, we have endeavored to expand both the quality and quantity of our work each and every year since our rebirth 7 years ago. This year is no different.

I want to update you on some exciting changes we have been working on at CAIR-Chicago for some time now.

    1. I am happy to announce the opening of The CAIR-Chicago Gallery, a new center in downtown Chicago, on September 15, 2011. The Gallery will be the Chicago Muslim community’s first public intellectual space downtown, and will be used for the following:
    – Public Lecture Series
    – Training Seminars

    – Classes/Workshops (Blogging 101, Social Media 101, Know Your Rights, Combating Islamophobia, and many other classes to be offered)
    – Debates: Fireside, no-limits chats on the controversial subjects that people are afraid to tackle
    – Book Clubs
    – Theatre (Film nights that will showcase documentaries and films meaningful to our work)
    – Music Nights
    – Art/Photogra
    phy Exhibitions
    – Community & Coalition Meetings

    The Gallery is part of our vision to present a professional, meaningful presence for American Muslims on the Chicago scene and to serve the interests of civil rights, social justice, and anti-defamation. 

    2. I am also pleased to announce the launch of CAIR-Chicago’s in house studio that will see us specialized in the regular high-quality production of video blogs (vlogs), mini-documentaries, PSA’s, and other multimedia at no extra cost to the community. This is born out of our belief that Muslims must proactively set the tone on the debates that affect our community and faith. You can watch some of our vlogs here.

    3. Our staff is witnessing exciting new changes as well.

    We have increased the number of attorneys on staff with the hiring of Rabya Khan, a consequence of our increase in case service. Our law clerks have also increased this summer (a full house).

    I hired a new Deputy Director, Sufyan Sohel, and a new Operations Coordinator, Mohamed Abdelati.

    All three new hires were volunteers, law clerks, and interns (respectively) with CAIR-Chicago prior to coming on full time – a testament to our human resources development system.

    Sufyan excelled as a law clerk with us for many years. He holds a Masters degree in Finance and a law degree, and was the editor of his law school’s international law journal; I handpicked Sufyan because in my estimation, he holds great potential for future community service and leadership. More on Sufyan here. Rabya is an established attorney with a respected reputation in the Chicagoland area for assisting those in need. She has assisted us with many cases in the past without asking for or expecting compensation. More on Rabya here. Mohamed was a star intern who is now already the backbone of our operations having hit the ground running. More on Mohamed here.

    This summer, our office held between 20 and 30 full time staff and auxiliary staff daily, each trained to produce at maximum capacity and quality. CAIR-Chicago has blossomed into an institution in every sense of the word, thanks to YOUR support.

    4. Our online activism is receiving international recognition and is putting our team of researchers and writers at the forefront of the fight to expose Islamophobes, far right wing idealogues, and internet hatemongering. It’s a tough mission but one that is beginning to see positive results as more and more of the agents of hate are challenged, refuted, and exposed.

Tonight, we ar

e hosting our 3rd

annual taste of Ramadan at our expanded office and are expecting a whopping 300 people at our office. We are happy to celebrate our community’s success and thank God for his blessings. Those in attendance will get a sneak preview of The Gallery space.

We have a lot more we need to do and believe we can do. All we need is your support. Please give generously this Ramadan. With our organization’s strong track record, you can be confident your investments in the future of this community will go a long long way, Insha’Allah.

-Ahmed Rehab




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