Daily Herald: Don't blame religion for terrorism

The essay “‘America’s slumber has been replaced with denial’” by David L. Beamer used the term “radical Islam,” and I believe this terminology is inaccurate. It implies that there were religious motivations for acts of terrorists and this is not true.  Terrorists are motivated by political goals, and religion should not be blamed nor should it even come into the picture. Terrorists try to legitimatize their cause by invoking religion, but we should not fall for this trick.

Terms like “radical Islam” also reflect negatively on a peaceful religion. The terrorists who recognize themselves as Muslims are not true followers of the religion as Islam condemns the killing of innocents.  Therefore, the term “Islam” should be avoided in the discourse of terrorism and 9/11.

Muslims all over the world denounce the World Trade Center attack which has brought so much suffering.  My condolences are with David L. Beamer and the thousands of others who lost their loved ones to this tragedy.  As Americans, we mourn the loss of Todd Beamer and salute his heroism.

I request that the Daily Herald avoid using incorrect terminology towards any race and religion in the future.