Chicagoist: Rehab expresses concern over McCarthy's knowledge of spying program

Chicagoist: Police Superintendent McCarthy was aware of secret NYPD operation that spied on Muslims

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy was aware of the NYPD’s intelligence gathering programs on Muslims five years ago, ABC 7 reports. A 60-page report obtained by the AP showed that the NYPD’s Demographic Unit photographed and eavesdropped on Muslims in Newark, New Jersey, where MCarthy was serving as police director. A Chicago Police spokesperson said “As a matter of professional courtesy, the NYPD made then-Director McCarthy and other chiefs from Long Island aware that they were conducting an operation in their jurisdictions.”

Ahmed Rehab, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations in Chicago expressed concern over the revelation. Fox Chicago reports Rehab said that McCarthy should explain his role in the surveillance program, saying “We want to know, should we be concerned about this happening in Chicago? And if the answer is no, we need him to come out and say this was wrong.”

A spokesperson for Mayor Rahm Emanuel said though the mayor had no knowledge about McCarthy’s involvement, he has “full confidence” in the superintendent.

From the Chicagoist