CAIR-Chicago staff conduct sensitivity training at Greyhound

CAIR-Chicago’s Staff Attorney Rabya Khan and Communications Coordinators Aymen Abdel Halim and Leena Saleh visited Greyhound employees on March 12th and 13th to deliver cultural awareness presentations in an effort to improve customer relations and to gain a better understanding of the American-Muslim community.

The presentation focused on a general overview of Islam and Muslims, dispelling misconceptions and inaccuracies with facts and statistics. Highlighting not only the diversity of the Muslim community  globally and locally, but the everyday life of American-Muslims which resemble everyday lives of Americans of other faiths.

Over 40 employees and managers participated throughout the multiple sessions inquiring more about Muslim customs and incidents of discrimination.”The employees were very receptive to our presentation and showed a genuine curiosity to learn more about Muslims,” said Leena Saleh. “They made ties to civil rights and discrimination issues they’ve experienced in their own minority communities.”

Employees remarked that many of these misconceptions and incidents of hate crimes or discrimination stem from a lack of knowledge, a testament to the importance of CAIR-Chicago’s efforts in reaching out and educating communities about Islam and Muslims.