CAIR-Chicago's 2012 Documentary: A Future Without Bigotry

Dear friends and supporters,

We are proud to present CAIR-Chicago’s 2012 documentary – A Future Without Bigotry – which features interviews with staff and interns and highlights the efforts of the CAIR-Chicago team. Our 2012 documentary also showcases the successful stories of two American Muslims from Chicagoland who reached out to us for help in achieving justice against discrimination.

Due to your unwavering support, we are in our 8th year of protecting the civil rights of American Muslims. CAIR-Chicago has been at the forefront of challenging bigotry by advocating on behalf of American Muslims through legal, media, community outreach, and government affairs advocacy. This documentary serves as a monumental benchmark for the foundation CAIR-Chicago has laid since its inception, highlights the urgency of our work, and is a thank you to each of you who support – and are involved in – our fight against bigotry.

From the CAIR-Chicago staff and interns to all of our friends and supporters, sit back, relax, and enjoy the film!


– The CAIR-Chicago Team