CAIR-Chicago joins press conference on Egypt

On Monday, June 25th, CAIR-Chicago participated in a press conference hosted by the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) on the election results in Egypt.

The speakers included Lena Kasi Touliemat of CIOGC, Eiman Abdelmoneim of the Sereen Foundation, Ousama Jammal of the Mosque Foundation and the Muslim American Society, Thaer Ahmad – board member of American Muslims For Palestine, Dr.  Mohammed Kaiseruddin of the Muslim Community Center Director, Cameel Halim – chairman of the Coptic Assembly of America, and Egyptian community activists Ola Ezat, Sara Shams, Nabila Alexander, and Sonia Hassan.

CAIR-Chicago supports the courageous revolutionary efforts in Egypt to bring about a democratic electoral process based on principles of freedom, justice, and equality for all.

The newly elected Mohammad Morsi, will be Egypt’s fifth president, and the first from outside of the military. He is also the first president to win  in a competitive election.

The Egyptian military has promised to transfer power to the newly elected leader, however military generals have shut down the democratically elected Muslim-led parliament.

The Egyptian people are now anxiously calling for the military to end its rule, and waiting to see the democratic process they are fighting for finally take shape.

The 2012 elections reflect a momentous time in Egyptian history – one that elevates standards for government and elected officials – one that holds their leaders accountable – and one that reflects the dreams and aspirations of millions of people.