VIDEO: Meet our new Summer Interns!

The Internship and Externship Program at CAIR-Chicago offers eager students and budding activists a great opportunity to learn, interact, and grow in a friendly and diverse environment. Our program is career-oriented and identifies the concept of “professional activism.”

Opportunities are available throughout the year for all students to apply—full-time or part-time, undergraduate or graduate, all majors, and even high school students. Interns can earn academic credit or community service hours, or simply enrich their experience and insight to advocacy and civil rights efforts.

The video below introduces the CAIR-Chicago Internship Program and some of the faces from our group of 2012 Summer Interns. On their day of orientation, we asked our Summer Interns what brought them to CAIR-Chicago and what they’re looking forward to during their internship.

Without further adieu, CAIR-Chicago would like to proudly welcome our biggest and most diverse group of interns to date!

To learn more about our 2012 Summer Interns, please visit our “Meet Our Interns” page!