CAIR-Chicago hosts U.K. delegation

On Wednesday, July 18, CAIR-Chicago hosted United Incrementum London, or U.I. London, a youth leadership group from London, United Kingdom. The delegation was comprised of 12 high school students. U.I. London came to CAIR-Chicago to learn about how CAIR-Chicago protects people’s civil rights and how to promote community activism around social issues. The group was in the U.S. as a part of the U.K.-U.S. Youth Dialogue Program that explored the themes of diversity, immigration, interfaith dialogue, community engagement and volunteerism.

The student group also learned about civil rights issues through watching the DVDs No Bigotry and A Future without Bigotry. Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson gave a brief presentation about CAIR-Chicago’s mission followed by a question and answer session with the students. Communications Coordinator Leena Saleh, Litigation Director Kevin Vodak and outreach and government affairs interns were also present for this process.

“The students were eager to learn about the organization of CAIR-Chicago and the civil rights, immigration and social justice work it does,” Hankerson said on their enthusiasm to learn about the non-profit organization.

After, the students were given a tour of the office and the opportunity to ask questions of interns from other departments, including operations and communications.

Hankerson said this delegation was valuable for CAIR-Chicago as well. “CAIR-Chicago values the opportunities to meet with people from around the world, particularly youth because of their willingness to break out of their comfort zones and understand their global world better,” Hankerson said.

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