International delegation meets with CAIR-Chicago

On Wednesday, June 27th, CAIR-Chicago hosted a delegation from the Middle East in order to explore issues in conflict resolution and facilitate a greater understanding of interfaith and international issues. The delegation, which was sponsored by the Department of State, included lawyers and jurists, academics and activists, from Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco and Yemen.

CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights law clerks also had an opportunity to discuss conflict resolution and the legal system with the delegation. Civil rights intern Nick Lange thought the program was especially edifying, as it allowed him to gains insights into a different part of the world. “It was fascinating to get to know the delegation members from across the Middle East,” he said. “It was a great feeling, seeing that there are others on the other side of the globe working with us towards the common goal of equality”.

Law Clerk Kinza Khan also emphasized how much she learned from the delegation. “I think the importance of working with international groups comes from the political relationships between these countries and is increasing with time, as the world continues to become more globalized.”