Today is election day! Make sure you vote!

Today is election day!

In this election, there are many close races. Some races maybe decided by merely a few votes. It is critical that every American make their voice heard, and that every eligible voter exercise this right that civil rights activists fought so hard for. They fought so that each of us could have an equal say in who leads us.

For those of us who are Muslim, we also have a religious obligation to be civically engaged and to ensure our nation stands for justice. American Muslims will also play a significant role in the 2012 election – especially in battleground states.

So be sure to vote today, and take friends and family to the polls with you!

Also, read CAIR-Chicago Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson’s editorial on why Muslims not only can vote, but absolutely must vote: Our Voice, Our Vote: Muslim Americans Are Viable Partners in Deciding America’s Future

WHAT: Exercise your right to vote!

WHEN: TODAY! November 6, 2012 – Polls are open from 6:00am-7:00pm

WHERE: Find your polling place here.

MORE INFORMATION: For information on what to expect at the polls, what to bring to your polling place, and what your rights are as a voter, check out our Voting Guide for your state here.