Winter-Spring 2013 Intern Class graduates! [PHOTOS]

CAIR-Chicago would again like to thank and congratulate its Winter-Spring 2013 interns for being a spirited, dedicated, and driven team of budding professional activists.

CAIR-Chicago was one of the best internship experiences I’ve had. It taught me relevant and important skills, both technical and practical…I will always have the skills CAIR-Chicago taught me.

– Dartunorro Clark, Communications Intern

I absolutely would [recommend others to apply to CAIR-Chicago]. I feel that I had the opportunity to meet people that I would otherwise not have the chance to know. I was also exposed to perspectives and stories that I would not encounter in my life.

– Liz Dennis, Government Affairs Intern

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CAIR-Chicago is committed to maintaining its extensive and highly acclaimed internship program, where we provide young activists with professional hands-on experience working in social justice advocacy. Check out our intern center for complete internship listings and more details on how to join our team!


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