2014: 56 public officials endorse our work!

This year, 56 public officials endorsed our work!

“Since its establishment in 2005, CAIR-Chicago has become the largest non-profit Muslim and civil rights advocacy organization in the nation committed to protecting and promoting the civil rights and liberties of Muslim-Americans. CAIR-Chicago has provided a comprehensive array of invaluable services to the Muslim-American community. It has also facilitated important partnerships and civil rights advocacy opportunities for Muslim-Americans throughout the Chicagoland area.”

– Rahm Emanuel
Mayor of Chicago

“I congratulate CAIR-Chicago on another successful year of serving the needs of the Muslim population in Illinois, and for working towards ensuring justice and civil rights for the communities you serve. Your efforts to reach out to divergent faiths and build broad coalitions are truly commendable. In a state as diverse as ours, every effort to broaden cultural awareness and understanding is truly appreciated. I commend everyone in attendance for your dedication to advancing the well-being of Muslims throughout the Land of Lincoln and across the country.”

– Pat Quinn
Governor of Illinois

“Congratulations on your chapter reaching this 10-year milestone. Your organization’s mission seeking equality and respect for all through an open dialogue and community partnerships not only assists the Muslim community but strengthens the entire Chicagoland area. Your interactions with many different faith groups promote justice and set an example for our future generations to follow.”

– Garry F. McCarthy
Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department

“I wish to commend everyone at CAIR-Chicago for your deep sense of mission which informs the vital work you continue to do on behalf of the Muslim American community of Cook County. Through your dedicated service in the areas of civil rights defense and advocacy, media outreach, public relations and voter registration, you truly are empowering and transforming Cook County’s Muslim American community.”

– Toni Preckwinkle
Cook County Board President

“It is with great pleasure that I extend warm greetings to the Council on American-Islamic Relations of Chicago on the occasion of your 10th Annual Banquet. Because of your commendable efforts to encourage equality, enhance cultural knowledge, and promote justice you are protecting the future advancement opportunities of generations to come.”

– Robert Steele
Cook County Commissioner

“I would like to congratulate CAIR-Chicago on another successful year dedicated to promoting justice and tolerance for our Muslim community throughout the Cook County region. Over the years, CAIR-Chicago has played an important role in improving the understanding of different cultures and fighting intolerance, bigotry and hatred.”

– Michael Cabonargi
Cook County Commissioner

“I would like to extend my best wishes to CAIR-Chicago on your 10th Annual Banquet. What a wonderful opportunity to look back and celebrate the positive impact CAIR has had on Chicago for the last decade. We all owe a debt of gratitude for the amazing work CAIR-Chicago does advocating for justice and mutual understanding between the many different religions and cultures in our city.”

– John A. Fritchey
Cook County Commissioner

“CAIR-Chicago conducts vital work for Cook County and I wholeheartedly congratulate it on its tenth Anniversary. Over the past ten years, CAIR-Chicago has led the fight to defend the civil rights of Muslim Americans and against intolerance and bigotry.”

-Larry Suffredin
Cook County Commissioner

“Cook County is comprised of communities that thrive in their rich cultural diversity and

CAIR-Chicago is to be commended for demonstrating a longstanding commitment to preserving and sharing the history and traditions of the Islamic culture. By promoting cultural education and awareness your organization is cultivating a mutual understanding that advocates justice and respect.”
-Anita Alvarez
Cook County State’s Attorney

“It is my pleasure to congratulate CAIR-Chicago on the occasion of your 10th Annual Banquet, and your national organization’s 20th year. My best to you as you look Forward to the future. I commend you for your efforts to protect the rights of Muslim-Americans, and for your work to further communication and understanding between us all.”

– David Orr
Cook County Clerk

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for its commitment to ending practices of defamation and discrimination in our communities, and its efforts to unite individuals from various backgrounds in support of its mission to ensure justice for all. CAIR-Chicago works tirelessly to promote understanding across racial, religious and cultural lines, and thereby serves to enhance the quality of life for all Americans.”

-Dorothy Brown
Cook County Circuit Court Clerk



“America is at its strongest when we embrace our diversity. Few nations have been as open and welcoming to people of all walks of life. Yet, it would be naive to think such diversity does not also pose challenges. We are blessed that groups such as CAIR-Chicago devote their efforts to building mutual understanding and trust among the many creeds, colors, religions and backgrounds that make up our community and our country.”

– Lisa Madigan
Attorney General of Illinois



“I commend your efforts to enhance tolerance, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties and empower American Muslims. Your exceptional contributions are not only impacting Chicago, but our state and nation as well. Your hard work, combined with the efforts of your loyal supporters and contributors, will ensure further success in the coming years.”

– Jesse White
Secretary of State of Illinois



“The theme for this year’s gala, ‘#HateFree,’ is one that instills a message of hope and promise that generations to come will eradicate bigotry and inequality. Your work to ensure justice and promote trust regardless of different backgrounds is admirable and sets an example unlike any other.”

– Dan Rutherford
Secretary of Treasury of Illinois



“”Forward,” is an appropriate theme for this year’s banquet, acknoledgeging CAIR-Chicago’s 10 years working for justice, respect for all, and mutual understanding. While we must understand our past and the progress we have made in the fight for civil and human rights, our vision should remain focused on the future and continuing the work needed to ensure civil and human rights for all.”

– Michael Madigan
Speaker of the House of Illinois



“Your commitment and dedication to empowering the lives of many embodies that same spirit behind many of the world’s greatest movements for change. Please accept my best wishes for a splendid evening as you celebrate your achievements of the past 10 years and to continued success in your mission of spreading equality and justice for all in the decades to come.”

– John J. Cullerton
Illinois Senate President



“CAIR-Chicago has sustained that same commitment in serving the needs of the Muslim community in the Chicago area. As you celebrate this year’s theme of ‘Forward’ may you continue your dedication to fighting bigotry and promoting tolerance. ”

– Terry Link
Illinois Senator



“The value you place on building a just, tolerant and compassionate society reflects the best in Illinois. Our state’s past is marked by shocking inhumanity but also by ordinary moments of brotherhood, inclusion and of course perseverance that have made Chicago a multi-hued city of immigrants and Illinois a state that strives to welcome all comers. Our present is promising yet imperfect, and so I thank advocates like you for your passion and vigilance as we move forward toward the vision shared by people of goodwill throughout this state.”

– Kwame Raoul
Illinois Senator



“I want to extend congratulations as you celebrate another successful year as the nation’s fastest-growing chapter of an extraordinary Muslim civil rights organization.”

– Iris Y. Martinez
Illinois Senator



“Throughout the years, CAIR-Chicago has proved to be one of the largest advocates of promoting community understanding and opening lines of dialogue to the many civil rights obstacles that Muslims face. The work of CAIR-Chicago has truly made a positive impact on the lives of many Illinois residents, and I hope will continue promoting equality in years to come.”

– Michael Frerichs
Illinois Senator



“I applaud your commitment to appreciating everyone’s experiences, ideas and differences, which is what makes our country stand out in the world. We must continue to build on that commitment through understanding and the building of trust between communities as well as community leaders.”

– Linda Holmes
Illinois Senator

“I applaud your theme, ‘Forward’ for the 10th Annual Banquet, and wish you a very successful event. I salute you for celebrating CAIR-Chicago’s 10th Anniversary and the national organization’s 20th Anniversary.”

– Michael Noland
Illinois Senator



“CAIR-Chicago’s work has fostered understanding and tolerance within our communities and I commend their innovative campaigns to promote peaceful and productive dialogues that serve as a model for others. CAIR-Chicago reminds us that society should never tolerate discrimination.”

– Heather A. Steans
Illinois Senator

“This year, CAIR-Chicago celebrates its 10th anniversary as the largest organization committed to protecting and promoting the civil rights and liberties of Muslim Americans. CAIR-Chicago has been a leader in engaging all communities to build mutual understanding and trust, and to encourage the creation of a nation that appreciates the ideas, voices and experiences of all people. CAIR-Chicago has worked tirelessly to ensure that our country’s ideals are fully recognized, not only for those in the Muslim community, but for all, and I am honored to be a part of celebrating those accomplishments.”

– John C. D’Amico
Illinois Representative



“The effort of leadership that you have shown is a perfect example of the historical reflection that we are now celebrating during Black History Month. We reflect and we celebrate those who stood up, spoke up, and fought for our rights.”

– Monique D. Davis
Illinois Representative



“I would like to congratulate CAIR-Chicago on its 10th Anniversary in 2014. The Council’s belief that a promising future can be achieved by respecting and appreciating one another’s ideas, voices, and experiences is one that can provide hope and optimism to all”

– Jim Durkin
Illinois Representative



“Your tireless work on behalf of inclusion and civil rights are invaluable in a world with increasingly less barriers. As Americans, it is essential that we embrace our diversity as a strength that very few countries can match.”

– Louis I. Lang
Illinois Representative



“I commend CAIR for its commitment to serving the needs of Chicago’s Muslim population and working toward justice and civil rights for all communities. May your untiring dedication, perseverance, and immense service bring you continued success for many years to come.”

– Camille Y. Lilly
Illinois Representative

“Your organization stands out as a beacon of leadership in helping bring communities together and building mutual trust among people from different walks of life.”

– Emmanuel “Chris” Welch
Illinois Representative



“Congratulations to CAIR-Chicago on another great year of pursuing justice and equality for the Muslim community of Chicago and for Muslims everywhere. I offer my support and thanks to those who continue to fight for the protection of rights for all members of our society.”

– Ann M. Williams
Illinois Representative


“Supporting this annual event is a great way to stay in touch with current events affecting the Muslim community here in Chicago, and throughout the state. It is also a great way to enjoy fellowship with each other while contributing to some wonderful causes- celebrating CAIR-Chicago’s 10th and its 20th national organization’s milestone anniversaries.”

– Bobby L. Rush
U.S. Representative, 2nd Congressional District of IL



“I salute CAIR-Chicago for their commitment to justice and equality for Muslim Americans and all Americans. CAIR understands that in defending Muslim Americans against employment discrimination, prison abuse, hate crimes and citizenship delays they are also defending our American values for every American. Your unyielding commitment to justice, not only for the Muslim community, but for every member of our society is consistent with our nation’s core values.”

– Danny K. Davis
U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District of IL



“CAIR-Chicago facilitates open lines of communication between different cultures and religions. Their efforts encouraging equality, enhancing cultural knowledge, and promoting justice are both admirable and necessary. The work that CAIR-Chicago does for our city and across the nation not only enriches the Muslim community but also expands the breadth of dialogue between cultures. I thank them for their efforts.”

– Mike Quigley
U.S. Representative, 5th Congressional District of IL



“Your promotion of open communication, tolerance, and acceptance is greatly appreciated. I thank CAIR-Chicago for all the work you do in promoting these qualities within our communities. It is through your work and the support of those in attendance tonight that we can overcome the obstacles ahead to achieve our shared goals of justice and understanding. ”

– Tammy Duckworth
U.S. Representative, 8th Congressional District of IL



“CAIR-Chicago continues to be a strong advocate for our community through its commitment to promote equal justice while encouraging understanding and dialogue among all faiths. The theme, ‘Forward’ is very fitting for this milestone anniversary. This organization has made great strides over the last ten years, and I hope that these accomplishments will inspire and strengthen your resolve for the work ahead.”

– Andre Carson
U.S. Representative, 7th Congressional District of IN



“Congratulations on a phenomenal past year and best wishes for the future. We do best when we work together and appreciate one another’s ideas, voices and experiences. You are helping the entire Chicagoland area with what I am sure will be a successful event and another memorable year.”

– Elizabeth B. Tisdahl
Mayor of Evanston



“Congratulations on your ongoing efforts to enlighten both the Muslim community here and the general American public through education and the nurturing of mutual understanding. CAIR-Chicago’s dedication to studying and promoting the issues of civil and social justice for the American Muslim community enriches our culture and brings people together in growth and progress.’

– Brad Stephens
Mayor of Rosemont

“I commend CAIR-Chicago on its ongoing efforts to serve the needs of the city’s Muslim community. Celebrating diversity, encouraging tolerance, and promoting justice is of great importance to me personally and to the citizens of the City of South Bend.”

– Pete Buttigieg
Mayor of South Bend, IN

“The best weapon against hate and bigotry are communication and education. I enjoyed my recent visit to the Institute of Islamic Education in Elgin. The courtesy and warmth which I received will be a lasting memory for me. I wish you continued success in your mission and offer my assistance in welcoming your members to the Elgin community.”

– David J. Kaptain
Mayor of Elgin

“I commend CAIR-Chicago for their unending commitment in helping to engage all communities in building mutual understanding and trust.”

– Gopal G. Lalmalani
Village President, Oak Brook



“The annual banquet provides a wonderful opportunity to recognize the important role that the Illinois Muslim community plays in society. This year’s banquet theme, “Forward” speaks to the chapter and national organization’s 10th and 20th year milestone anniversaries in being leading advocates for justice and mutual understanding. It is a promising future when communities can come together with respect and appreciate one another’s ideas, voices and experiences.”

– – Sandra E. Frum
Village President, Northbrook

Members of the City Council of Chicago also commended CAIR-Chicago.

“I applaud CAIR-Chicago for its commitment to ending practices of defamation and discrimination in our communities, and its efforts to unite individuals from various backgrounds in support of its mission to ensure justice for all. CAIR-Chicago works tirelessly to promote understanding across racial, religious and cultural lines, and thereby serves to enhance the quality of life for all Americans.”
-Carrie M. Austin
Chicago City Council

“I am pleased to congratulate and salute CAIR-Chicago on their 10th Annual Banquet held March 15, 2014 at Drury Lane in Oakbrook Terrace, IL. While unfortunately I am unable to attend, I wanted to extend well wishes for a successful event. The work your organization does continues to be a beacon of light and a valued resource that educates the masses on Muslim civil rights and experiences.”

-William D. Burns
Chicago City Council

“Congratulations on CAIR-Chicago’s 10th Annual Banquet. I commend you on your “Forward” theme as it reminds us that every day we have to move in that direction in our advocacy and education until there is mutual respect and justice for all.”

-Robert W. Fioretti
Chicago City Council

“The theme of this banquet aligns with CAIR-Chicago’s mission of continually fighting for eqaulity, educating to eliminate ignorance, and promoting tolerance for everyone. It stresses the importance of continually growing, even after a decade of success. I fully support CAIR-Chicago on this endeavor and I am excited to see what the next ten years will bring for the organization and community.”


-Joseph A. Moore
Chicago City Council