CAIR-Chicago launches 2014 Primary Election Voter Guide! Primary Elections on Tuesday!

CAIR-Chicago is proud of the great work of the Government Affairs Department in creating the comprehensive 2014 Primary Election Voter Guide.

Are you registered to vote? Check your voter registration status

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Why Vote? Empower Yourself, and Your Community

It is crucial for all U.S. citizens over the age of eighteen to participate actively in the political process. Voting is a right that every citizen possesses in order to make a difference in the political process and to help their community.

Before the upcoming election you should make sure that you are registered to vote. You can go to this site to check if you are registered and how you can get registered.

As part of an ongoing project toward empowering the American-Muslim community and enabling it to solve its problems proactively, CAIR-Chicago has complied a profile of the candidates running for major office throughout Illinois, and in the U.S. Congress. We have made the effort to highlight the issues we think are important not only to Muslims, but to all Americans.

The CAIR-Chicago Voter Education Guide for the General Primary Elections is designed to make voting easier for you by informing you of your choices and the backgrounds of candidates. We have also made an effort to connect you to the candidate’s personal website so that you may take a closer look at each candidate.

This year voting is as important as it has ever been. Following the 2010 census and 2012 election year, districts in Illinois have been redrawn and established politicians will have new challengers. There are major issues at all levels of government with drone surveillance, voting rights, health care reform and constitutional rights legislation efforts. It is your job to educate yourself and others so that your voice can be heard.

How to Use the Voter Guide

The 2014 Voter’s Guide consists of information and links about primary candidates for the U.S. Senate, Illinois Governor, Illinois House of Representatives, Illinois Senate, and Illinois Appellate Court.

– Your Illinois Representative district will likely be different from your Illinois Senate district and your U.S. Representative’s district.
– Make sure to take into account that redistricting became official in 2013.
– Click on the maps to enlarge them. If you are unsure of your districts, click here and enter your address.
– Once you know your district for a specific primary, scroll to that district. Each candidate will have a blue (Democrat) or red (Republican) border around their picture.
– If you want to learn more about the the candidate than we provide, click on the picture of the candidate. It will take you to the candidate’s campaign website or a website provided by the Illinois government.

Be informed and make your voice heard on Tuesday!

Download a PDF of the 2014 Primary Election Voter Guide