CBS2: Bullet Fired At Orland Park Mosque During Prayer Service[VIDEO]

ORLAND PARK, Ill. (CBS) — Someone fired a bullet into a suburban mosque Tuesday morning during morning prayers.

Imam Nazir Chahin says someone fired at the dome of the Prayer Center of Orland Park as he led forty people in prayer. Debris fell to the floor but no one was hurt.

Orland Park Police are already investigating and the Council on American-Islamic Relations Chicago office wants the FBI to investigate it as a hate crime.

“We’re very happy that no one was hurt and because it happened at such an early time, 6:05 for Fajr prayer, that is when most mosques have the least amount of people in them, at least in the United States because it is so early,” said CAIR spokeswoman Agnieszka Karoluk.

The group is conducting a security survey of all Chicago-area mosques.