Help Protect the Vote: Sign Up to Be An Elections Volunteer

There has been a lot of media coverage of the changed election laws in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Texas, but did you know that right here at home in Illinois we have new laws on the books for 2014?.

Every election jurisdiction in Illinois will offer Election Day Voter Registration at 5-20 sites. This program is a pilot so if it doesn’t run smoothly we may never see it offered again.

That’s why we need your help.

CAIR-Chicago has joined several civil rights organizations to form the Election Protection Coalition, so we can ensure our communities get out to vote, and that their voting rights are protected.

We need volunteers to monitor Election Day Registration sites to make sure voters understand their rights and to develop recommendations for long term implementation of the program.

If you can spare even 2 hours on Election Day—Tuesday, November 4, 2014—then please sign up to help protect our democratic system.

Join the Coalition: Volunteer!