CAIR-Chicago Continues to Support Community Post ISIS Arrest

Recognizing the vital need to support communities across Chicagoland, CAIR-Chicago continues its efforts to foster dialogue and defend civil rights. Engaging with families, schools, law enforcement officials, media, and community leaders, CAIR-Chicago has strengthened the local Muslim community and continued to grow relationships outside of it.

Most recently, Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, and Staff Attorney Rabya Khan presented on a panel titled Lurking Danger. Taking place at the Islamic Center of Naperville, the panel engaged and informed community youth and parents about identifying and overcoming the dangers facing American Muslims.

CAIR-Chicago secures an objective portrayal of Islam and safeguards the Muslim community’s right to be free from harassment by law enforcement and media. Challenging Islamophobic narratives and reiterating the community’s anti-extremism stance is a central piece of all media relations. CAIR-Chicago stands firmly against misguided narratives that assume collective guilt or community culpability for an individual criminal case.