WTTW: Exec. Dir. Ahmed Rehab Discusses Islamophobia in U.S.

Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago, sat down to discuss the rise of Islamophobia with Randa Kuziez from the Interfaith Youth Core, and freelance journalist Deanna Othman on Chicago Tonight.

“It’s not by design or by intention, but as a consequence of how they cover the news,” says Rehab, bemoaning the lack of understanding that fails to recognize the diversity of opinions that exist within Islam and the Muslim community. “There is not enough being done in the coverage to distinguish between the perpetrators [of terrorist acts] and the large majority that doesn’t support it. Anybody watching CNN should walk away with the idea that ISIS is rejected by most Muslims. After all, 90 percent of those fighting ISIS are Muslims, and 90 percent of those being killed by ISIS are Muslims.”

Report any suspicious activity or individuals to the local police (dial 911), and to the mosque or organization. Report any social media threats (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Email), voicemails, text messages, website attacks/hacks, phone calls, verbal threats, physical threats to the police.

Follow up with CAIR-Chicago after making any reports to the police so we can document and ensure threats are being investigated.

Read more information about reporting hate crimes here.