Interns Experience Hands-On Advocacy

On Wednesday, May 27th, several interns went on an excursion with Outreach Coordinator Gerald Hankerson to the Five for $15 march. While there, the CAIR team strengthened relationships with other organizations and connected with the diverse population of Chicago. For a few of the interns, this was their first experience witnessing a protest. With cameras and smart phones in hand, they were able to put their skills to the test while gaining experience with the hands-on side of advocacy.

The Fight for $15 campaign was organized in 2012 to fight for 15 dollar per hour wages and the right to form a union. While primarily addressing the fast-food industry, the movement is inclusive of all labor workers who feel they are not receiving fair wages. Wednesday turned out the biggest protests yet by the “Fight for 15” campaign. In fact, with over two and a half thousand people in attendance, it marked the biggest low-wage protest in history. No doubt, it was an important moment in Chicago history, and the view from the streets of the city is not one that the CAIR interns are likely to soon forget.

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By Mary Koptick, Communication Intern