Learn about Islam with #MaryLearned!

As an organization dedicated to fighting bigotry, CAIR-Chicago has launched the #MaryLearned campaign on Twitter to teach everyone about Islam!

Social media continues to be a platform for debates and knowledge-sharing, and nowadays Twitter is the perfect tool. Not everyone has the time to research, and unfortunately it can be easy to fall prey to misinformation. Seeking knowledge is an ongoing process, and CAIR-Chicago hopes to combat ignorance with an unique method. Therefore, CAIR-Chicago created #MaryLearned, a project designed to explain Islam to the uninformed.

We were inspired to start this project by our summer intern, Mary. She is a rising junior at the University of Notre Dame and knew nothing about Islam before joining us. Every day, Mary learns a little more about the faith and its people, and wants to share her new knowledge with the Twittersphere!

Each day, the CAIR-Chicago’s Twitter account posts small and simple facts about Islam. You can follow Mary’s progress — and yours — by following the hashtag #MaryLearned. It’s quick and straightforward, and, best of all, it’s right at your fingertips. No more heavy books and a thousand gigabytes of unneeded data thrown at your face–learning Islam has never been easier!

Be sure to follow CAIR-Chicago on Twitter and keep up with #MaryLearned. Don’t forget to like, share, and spread the word!