Renner Larson Talks #Chi4Refugees on Radio Islam

Last Monday on September 21, Communications Coordinator Renner Larson was interviewed by Radio Islam host Tahera Shireen Rahman to discuss CAIR-Chicago’s campaign, Chicago Welcomes Refugees, which promotes helping and accepting more Syrian refugees. He said that the purpose behind the campaign is to build local support, emphasizing the need for support at the local level. Without support from the city and state governments,he said, the federal government won’t change its current stance.

In the interview, Larson described the plight to accept more refugees into the United States as central to American values, because we’re a nation of immigrants, familiar with the idea of wanting to have a safe place. Rahman asked about the common belief that accepting refugees poses a threat to national security. He responded with a comparison to Germany, who has accepted close to 800,000 refugees with the same security concerns and the same level of high security. The host asked Larson what CAIR’s plan were for moving beyond the anger and outrage, and translating it into action. Because action is a central mission of CAIR, Larson described different organizations that listeners could take part in such as Girl Forward, and Refugee One, both of which have partnered with CAIR-Chicago for this campaign.

The interview begins at 31:15.

If you are interested in aiding refugees that have migrated to Chicago, the following is a list of organizations with volunteer opportunities: Refugee OneWorld Relief ChicagoHeartland Alliance and its partner Refugee and Immigrant Services (RICS), and Girl Forward.

You can also check out this list of 80+ volunteer opportunities at