Reminder: Report Hate & Discrimination

CAIR-Chicago wants to remind constituents that it is vital for victims of hate or discrimination to report any and all incidents to our office. We first and foremost serve you. Our efforts to counter Islamophobia are specifically designed to meet the needs and wishes of our community, but in order to do that we need to be fully informed.

In the age of social media news travels faster than ever, and the victimization of a neighbor can feel more personal. CAIR-Chicago is often contacted by secondary sources expressing concern about an incident that happened to a friend or relative, and though we appreciate reports of this kind, in order to insure that the appropriate actions are taken it is imperative that a report be made by the victim.

CAIR-Chicago respects the privacy of clients and will work in many capacities to ensure that your needs are met. We will advise you on next steps, follow up with law enforcement to push forward investigations, and protect your interests from wanted or unwanted media attention.

We are advising the Chicago Muslim community to take all threats seriously and ensure that the local police and FBI are contacted in a timely manner to investigate and address any threats. CAIR-Chicago is here to assist you with vetting the credibility of the threat and the proper means of reporting.

If there is any imminent threat of danger call 911 immediately.

Contact CAIR-Chicago’s Civil Rights department if you are a victim of any threats or hate crimes at (312) 212-1520 or our trial attorney at: