CAIR-Chicago Defends Refugees on 10 Media Outlets

CAIR-Chicago expressed outrage at Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision and leveraged media connections to put pressure on the administration. See the coverage here. When the wrong messages are sent by politicians or the media CAIR-Chicago is here to talk back with the right message. More than ever we need your support to keep speaking truth to power. Support CAIR-Chicago at


The Chicago office of Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Chicago) expressed outrage at Governor Bruce Rauner’s decision to halt the relocation of Syrian refugees to Illinois..

NBC5 also broadcasted coverage of CAIR-Chicago’s rebuttal.

Executive Director Ahmed Rehab talked with ABC 7 about Gov. Rauner’s attempt to halt refugee resettlement in Illinois.

CAIR-Chicago’s Renner Larson argues that refusing refugees is not only wrong, but un-American.

CLTV covered CAIR-Chicago’s response to Gov. Rauner’s decision.

Univision visited CAIR-Chicago’s downtown office to cover our response to Gov. Rauner’s decision.


Renner Larson from the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Chicago, joins Bishop to respond to the governor’s call to freeze migration from Syria.

“Governor Rauner’s decision is an impulsive reaction that is a political exploitation of a tragedy rather than an effective security measure,” Ahmed Rehab told the Chicagoist.

“What Gov. Rauner and others are missing is that refugees driven from Syria are fleeing violent extremists like the ones that committed the Paris attacks,” the CAIR-Chicago explained to Illinois News Network.

CAIR-Chicago told KTRS that Rauner’s decision is “an impulsive reaction” that’s “a political exploitation of a tragedy” versus effective security..