CAIR-Chicago Hosts Domestic Violence Discussion

CAIR-Chicago, in partnership with the Indian-American Bar Association of Chicago, hosted Apna Ghar in a presentation and conversation titled “Domestic Violence: An Epidemic Worth Talking about” last week.

Speakers from Apna Ghar spoke about the prevalence of domestic violence in our communities, ways to identify it, and how we, as a community, need to address it. Abuse can be physical or emotional and is demonstrated in behaviors in a relationship that are used to gain and/or maintain power and control over another by exerting privilege. Women are the most common victims, and we, as a community have a responsibility to not only discuss it, but to actively combat against problematic behaviors that are often linked to our cultures and traditions.
For more information on Apna Ghar, their services, or to have someone from their office come speak to your group or organization please visit Indian American Bar Association of Chicago (

November 25 is International Day to End Violence Against Women.

Pictured above – Sufyan Sohel, Deputy Director of CAIR-Chicago and President-Elect of IABA-Chicago, Radhika Sharma Gordon, Education and Outreach Manager, APNA Ghar, Sofia Sami – Outreach Coordinator, Apna Ghar & Shama Patari, Treasurer of IABA-Chicago