They Called CAIR-Chicago

“I’ll kill all the arab muslims and islam.” “All Islam will be killed in this school.”

There are few things more terrifying than death threats directed at your children, but that’s exactly what happened to parents of Muslim students at a high school in the southwest suburbs of Chicago earlier this year.
Fortunately no students were attacked in Orland Park, but they could have been –because do you know what the school’s response was? Nothing. Students were threatened and there was no lockdown, no commitment to investigation, and no outrage until concerned parents made the call that mattered. They called CAIR-Chicago.
With CAIR-Chicago’s intervention came a press conference, coverage by seven news outlets, and in response to our pressure the school issued a lockdown and stated that an investigation was underway and that it wanted to work with the local Muslim community to ensure the safety of ALL students.
Looking back on the event almost a year later, after so many hate crimes that could not be stopped around the country, we give thanks that we were able to step in and ensure the safety of our community. Today, “F— the Arabs,” “Kill the Arabs,” and, “Death to the Islamic people,” is not dismissed by authorities as ignorant youth trying to disrupt school with graffiti on a bathroom wall, but treated as it should be as an eminent danger in a time when violent instigators like Donald Trump have been accepted into the mainstream.
2016 will bring its set of challenges and to ensure the continuing safety of our community we must invest in vital resources like CAIR-Chicago to make sure that when the time comes we as American-Muslims are taken seriously and protected.
CAIR-Chicago has disrupted dozens of anti-Muslim incidents since this one in February, we are prepared to go even further in 2016.
2015 may be over but with your help we can make 2016 a better, safer year for American Muslims.

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