BREAKING: CAIR-Chicago Files Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Chicago Police

Today at noon CAIR-Chicago and Gregory E. Kulis & Associates Ltd., filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.


Pressconference_5Today at noon CAIR-Chicago held a press conference for various local and national media and news agencies announcing the filing of a federal civil rights lawsuit against Chicago Police on behalf of a female Muslim student who faced harrowing abuse by members of the police while trying to catch the State/Lake red line home. As promised, our work began the day after her criminal trial ended. And we don’t plan on stopping until full justice is received.


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Itemid Al-Matar (know as “Angel”) was attacked by police and falsely arrested and accused and faced excessive force and abuse. She had committed no crimes. She was found not guilty of trumped up criminal accusations by the police. As promised, our civil rights case work began a day after the criminal case concluded. And as promised our media blitz was timed with the filing of the civil rights case, not the criminal case, to take positive control of the narrative.



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