CLTV: CAIR-Chicago Holds Press Conference to React to Trump’s Election

September 9th, 2016 CLTV reports:

In response to yesterday’s results of the 2016 USA presidential elections, Chicago erupted in protest and CAIR-Chicago held a press conference to react to the news.

SEE: CAIR-Chicago Holds Press Conference on 2016 Presidential Elections

“And lastly there is the supreme court justices issue that concerns many, many communities…[these concerns] are not limited to these ethnic or religious…communities. but also the mainstream itself: we can’t exclude white Christian men and women in America who also have these same concerns and these same aspirations for a health, vibrant, moral America.” Along with sharing concerns regarding the president-elect’s outward anti-Muslim bigotry, stance on global warming, and other issues, CAIR-Chicago promises to work harder than ever with you and for you to stand up for civil rights.

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