Media Digest: Aleppo Press Conference

Yesterday CAIR-Chicago, the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago, the Syrian American Council – Chicago, and the Syrian Forum – USA held a joint press conference to react to the world’s worst humanitarian crisis still unfolding as we speak: thousands were killed in Aleppo in recent days and many more holed up and bracing for mass murder.
TV, radio, and print media spread the messages, stories, and demands of these Syrian and Muslim leaders to Chicago and beyond.
Below are a few highlights.


Complete photo album  from the press conference
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Aleppo Press Conference (4)
Aleppo Press Conference (13)


“Today is a really sad day for the Syrians” The call this afternoon from Chicago.”…we are worried for the safety of 150,000 Syrians…”

CBS Covers Aleppo Press Conference
“My message to you [is] please save Aleppo…they live in stress [without] food, medicine…”

ABC 7 
“A call to action in Chicago tonight for solidarity with Aleppo. There have been reports of mass killings in that historic city in Syria…”

FOX 32 
“Here we are living through a crisis and it is playing out as we speak. It is not fully history yet. We are living history and making history and have an opportunity to change the course of history if we decide to act together.”

Chicago Tonight 
“The world’s apathy in the face of the potential massacre of thousands of civilians in Aleppo cannot be accepted or understood.”

ABC 7 on WCIU the U
“It’s beyond rage, it is beyond sadness, it is beyond anger. I really have lost faith in humanity.”

WGN Evening News
“Today in Aleppo they are many Ann Franks. And they are on Facebook. And they are posting their final messages still filled with hope, asking the world — save us.”