Sufyan Sohel speaks at “United We Stand” event in Madison, WI.

On Sunday, January 29, the City of Madison, WI hosted an event titled “United We Stand” bringing together elected officials, lawyers and other community and ethnic leaders who spoke on Trump’s executive orders.  Individuals from all faiths and backgrounds flocked to Madison’s Monona Terrace with attendance estimated at well over 2000 participants.

The city of Madison invited CAIR-Chicago Deputy Director Sufyan Sohel to speak on a panel – alongside representatives of the ACLU, the United Nations Human Rights Commission amongst others – on the Executive Orders issued by the President, and its impact on the Muslim and immigrant communities.

Sohel reflected on the event: “I thank event organizers and the City of Madison for inviting me to this wonderful event.  As a Muslim, I am afraid, for the rights being denied to my community.  As an attorney, I am enraged, seeing how easily various communities in our country – a country that promises equality and justice – are villinized and discriminated against.  But, seeing so many community members concerned about the effects that these Executive Orders have on my communities – and all communities – gives me hope.  We must continue to stand together”

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