ABC 7: Trump Signs New Muslim Ban, CAIR-Chicago Responds

On March 6, ABC 7 reports: 

“When the first travel ban took effect in January, the response among many in immigrant communities was immediate, and loud.

The response to the new executive order is equally quick. “There have been, as Ahmed described, a series of cosmetic changes to a ban that had been found to be unconstitutional,” said Ed Yohnka, American Civil Liberties Union. Leaders at the Council of American-Islamic Relations agreed and said they believe the courts will strike down the new order just like they did the first one. “So to begin with, in terms of reacting to the travel ban we call Muslim Ban 2.0, indeed that’s how we see it,” said Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director CAIR – Chicago. CAIR-Chicago is now sponsoring a large contingent of volunteer attorneys, about 1,400 in all, who are at the international terminal at O’Hare Airport, greeting travelers who need legal help getting into the country.”

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