City of Chicago Introduces Ordinance Against Muslim Registry in Collaboration with CAIR-Chicago

CAIR-Chicago is proud to announce the introduction of a City of Chicago ordinance prohibiting the implementation of any discriminatory federal registry — a measure developed through close collaboration between CAIR-Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emmanuel’s office, and other advocacy groups.

This ordinance, if passed, will accomplish a number of important things:

1) It will not provide any city resources for a federal registry program
a. “The ordinance will ensure that city money, facilities, property, equipment and personnel will in no way provide support in any manner for any proposed Registry Program.”

2) It will secure the personal demographic information of Chicago residents
a. “The ordinance will prohibit the disclosure of Personal Demographic Information regarding any individual that is requested for the creation of a Registry Program.”

3) It will not disclose any individual’s information for the purposes of any Registry
a. “The City of Chicago will not participate in the disclosure of individuals’ race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, criminal record and other identifying factors which would be used to track or identify specific individuals.”

4) It will protect Chicago residents from registering in a Registry of any sort
a. “The ordinance would protect residents of Chicago from registering in any Registry Program, whether public, private or a joint public-private initiative.”

We are very proud of our attorney Maaria Mozaffar and her intern Laura Saltzman for working closely with the City of Chicago to develop this vital ordinance as part of CAIR-Chicago’s commitment for protecting the civil rights of Muslims and other minority groups in Chicago.

“Chicago is a city of diverse residents with a history of multiculturalism. We embrace and respect all religions that add to its strong identity,” said Maaria Mozaffar, Legislative Attorney at CAIR Chicago. “This Ordinance sends a strong message around the country that Chicago will not allow fear to dictate our policies or adopt unconstitutional measures that divide us.”We would also like to express appreciation to the offices of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel for introducing the ordinance to City Council.