Hoda Katebi Returns from Book Tour

After a month of touring between NYC, Chicago, and California for her book Tehran Streetstyle, Communications Coordinator Hoda Katebi is back in the office! During this time, Katebi spoke at universities and establishments on her book and the intersections of Orientalism, gender, nationhood, and feminism. Tehran Streetstyle is the first-ever collection of fashion photography from Iran which challenges mainstream Orientalist misconceptions about Iran and Islam and domestic Iranian mandatory dress codes. Katebi’s presentations highlighted the context of anti-Muslim racism in the United States and its impact on both diaspora Muslim communities here as well as cultural norms in the Middle East, and through her photography, challenged preconceived notions of young Muslims abroad and explored the multiplicity of “modesty” or “Islamic” clothes.

Photo: Hoda Katebi speaking at UC Berkeley on the politics of underground fashion in Tehran, Iran