ACTION ALERT Ask Gov. Rauner to sign The Trust Act & House Bill 3711!

There are two very important bills that have landed on Governor Rauner’s desk: House Bill 3711 which will expand and strengthen hate crime legislation, and Senate Bill 31 (also known as the TRUST ACT), which would prevent law enforcement from taking immigration actions.

Both of these Bills work to protect immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people living in the state of Illinois.

CAIR-Chicago has worked hard in collaboration with our partners and allies in pushing these bills to be now on Governer Rauner’s desk — and now we need your help. Call Governer Rauner’s office TODAY and ask him to sign these bills!

You can use the call script below, or feel free to personalize the message!


+ Chicago: 312-814-2121
+ Springfield: 217-782-0244


Hello, my name is ____ and and I want to please give a message to Governer Rauner, as a resident of Illinois. The Illinois TRUST Act Senate Bill 31 and House Bill 3711 are very important to me, and I ask that Governor Rauner signs both of these bills. It is important that Illinois continues to protect my rights and my safety, as well as the rights and safety of my family, friends, and neighbors. I hope you can pass my message on. Thank you!


You can also fill out an online ‘Voice an Opinion’ form to Governer Rauner’s office, here.

Read more about HB 3711 here and the TRUST Act here. You can also read Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s letter of support here.