CAIR-Chicago Publishes 2018 General Primary Election Voter Guide

CAIR-Chicago has released its 2018 General Primary Election Voter Guide and it is viewable in our media gallery. This is an interactive guide.

The 2018 General Primary Election Voter Guide consists of information and links about civil rights and sociopolitical issues of high importance to the Illinois executive branch, Illinois House of Representatives, Illinois Senate, Illinois judges, and United States House of Representatives.  Each of the topics listed has become a central issue to both the state and federal governments in the last year, which will have a direct impact on the upcoming election season.  In nearly all cases, recent legislative efforts have been made at both levels of government that we have compiled here.  Though this voter guide offers insight into a few key topics, the list is not exhaustive of all issues facing the American public today.

In this guide, we provided a short summary of each topic, as well as supporting legislation that the Illinois General Assembly and the United States federal government has implemented towards addressing these issues.  We made the effort to provide the most informative descriptions and implications of each issue.   If you want to learn more about the issues and supporting legislation that we cite, click on the name of the specific bill or resolution.  It will take you either to the the governmental website where updates are given on the legisative bill or resolution, or to another website that gives a nonpartisan explanation of the legislation and its implications.

As this is a guide for the General Primary Election, it acts as a precursor to a Legislative Scorecard that will provide more information on the candidates and their platforms. CAIR-Chicago will publish that scorecard prior to the general election in November.

You can view the interactive guide here >>