ACTION ALERT: Support Illinois SB 3488!

Resist Registry Programs Targeting Ethnic and Religious Groups (SB 3488 – President Cullerton)

Illinois has long welcomed individuals and families from all over the world, or all nationalities and faiths.  Yet officials in our current federal administration have been openly discussing a registry program for persons of certain faiths and of certain national origins (specifically Muslim, Arab, and South Asian Americans), and has sought to outright ban travelers and immigrants from certain countries based largely on the predominant religion on those countries.  Such policies separate families and deny businesses, universities, hospitals, and other institutions of the talent and energy that these people bring to our country.


Our country has made similar attempts to isolate individuals based on their national origin and religion before, with shameful and disastrous results.  During World War II, amid pervasive hysteria fueled by false perceptions of Japanese Americans as security risks to the United States, the federal government interned 120,000 people, two-thirds of whom were US citizens, the remainder legally barred from gaining citizenship.  The families of these internees received redress only 40 years later.


Illinois should take a strong stance against any registry program that would single out any group of Americans based on their national origin, religion, or other characteristics.  Our state leaders and people of good conscience in our state should declare that we will not participate in, facilitate, or support the creation of a registry directed at any group of residents of our state based upon race, ethnicity, ancestry, national origin, or religious belief.


Stand for a Welcoming Illinois: Please support SB 3488

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For more information please contact:

  • Itedal Shalabi, Arab American Family Services,;
  • Abdullah Mitchell, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago,;
  • Fred Tsao, Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights,


Help us ensure that Illinois remains a welcoming state – take a moment out of your day to let your Senator know why it’s important to pass this bill.

Sample Script:
Good Morning/afternoon,
My name is _____________ and I work for ____________________. I’m calling Senator ________________ to urge him/her to vote yes on Senate Bill 3488. SB 3488 takes a strong stance against any registry program that singles out any group of Americans based on their national origin or religion. I want Senator______ to publicly support this bill which declares that our state will not participate, facilitate, or support a creation of a registry.
Thank you.