CAIR-Chicago Participates in “On the Table” Annual Forum!

Tuesday, May 9, CAIR-Chicago hosted an On the Table Discussion on Islamophobia in partnership with Chicago Community Trust. The discussion was lead by CAIR-Chicago Research Coordinator Muhammad Tauseef Akbar and local Chicago activist Reema Ahmad at the CAIR-Chicago office Azima Center.

The On the Table Initiative was organized by in 2014. Their mission is to:

“Get together – face-to-face – with other thinkers and doers to find common ground and common cause. Then, move your ideas from the table to places all around Chicago to make powerful things happen. Be engaged in a movement of thousands of Chicago-area residents who are building relationships and taking action to benefit our neighborhoods and the public good.”

The Chicago Community Trust’s On the Table conversations are an annual forum designed to elevate civic conversation, foster new relationships, and inspire collaborative action across the region. Tens of thousands of Chicago-area residents gathered throughout the city in small groups to share a meal and discuss challenges that we face in society. This is the second year CAIR-Chicago has worked in partnership with the On the Table initiative.





















More information on the On the Table Initiative can be found on their website >>