Press Release: The Quranic Literacy Institute Case

“We are not here to pass judgment of guilt or innocence – that is to be determined by a court of law. What we are here to do is draw attention to the fact that the Quranic Literacy Institute is not receiving a fair trial, nor a just due process. This is a case of justice being catered to the wealthy and powerful, and denied for the disenfranchised.

The plaintiff has the wealth of having a team of top class lawyers take up the case obviously with a personal political agenda vested in the implications of the case. They have the power of having a judge who consistently grants most of their motions, and consistently denies most those of the defendant’s – as routine as they may be.

The defendants who have had their assets frozen already do not have the money to hire the necessary legal representation, and their legal team is comprised of one lawyer. In addition to this, they were denied a continuance on the case, which is routinely granted, to prepare and refute the plaintiff’s arguments.

Moreover, recent media coverage shows that many reporters have shamelessly and prematurely taken sides, and have already assumed guilt, condemning the defendants in the court of public opinion.

At the end of the day, what we are witnessing is a modern day lynching and a mockery of justice.

That being said, mention must be given to the implications of this case which are huge. Such a lawsuit, and the connections it’s trying to forge, is unheard of and therefore would set an outrageous precedent in which every party with wealth, power and an agenda will purport to sue every Islamic organization with the flimsiest links to suspected parties in Palestine, and for the most farfetched of reasons.

A guilty verdict in this audacious case would serve to unleash a flurry of charged and sensitive cases, imported from Israel & Palestine into American courts, setting off a wild frenzy of witch hunts for American individuals and institutions with any sort of links to the region, and a torrent of back and forth law suits.

Conclusively, in the case of QLI, the evidence cited to incriminate them has been vague and unconvincing, guilt is presupposed, and wealth and power has assumed the steering wheel – rather than a fair pursuit of justice. We ask that the media and the public remain vigilant of this.”

– END –

CONTACT: CAIR-Chicago Yaser Tabbara, 312-718-3725, 312-212-1520