CAIR-Chicago Co-Sponsors Coalition on Community Building

CAIR-Chicago is working in conjunction with several community organizations including United Power for Action and Justice and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights to bring attention to three crucial Chicago area community concerns: gun sales to criminals, immigration reform, and civil rights and liberties.

CAIR-Chicago helped bring together leaders from the Christian, Latino, and Muslim communities to discuss the formation of a coalition of concerned citizens to address the importance of working together to better understand each community’s unique societal concerns. The leadership meeting was successful and informative, and CAIR-Chicago and its organizational partners hope this coalition of diverse citizenry and their efforts to work together will culminate in a town hall meeting with Congressman Dan Lipinski of the Illinois 3rd District. CAIR-Chicago looks forward to learning the Congressman’s views on each of the issues and encourages constituents of his district to attend, listen, and voice their opinions at the yet to be scheduled town hall meeting.

In the meantime, CAIR-Chicago and its partners are cosponsoring a postcard campaign which will bring these issues to the attention of Congressman Lipinski. CAIR-Chicago encourages these and all communities to be proactive in voicing their opinions to our elected representatives locally, statewide, and nationally.

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