CAIR-Chicago Takes on Muslim Basher on WLS 890 AM

Listen to audio here

Friday morning, on one of Chicago’s main talk radio stations – WLS 890 AM (ABC) – CAIR-Chicago’s communications director, Ahmed Rehab, took on Eileen Byrne, a talk show host whose show precedes the Rush Limbaugh show. Eileen and her callers were throwing accusations and condemnations of Muslims – CAIR in particular – in lieu of CAIR’s condemnation of General Mathis’ “it’s fun to kill” quote.

In a surprise call that extended to 27 minutes, Ahmed took her and her callers to task, while clearly articulating the rationale of our perspective and cementing the view that Muslims are proud American citizens who are as comfortable and proud to be American as they are Muslim.

The comforting thing is that as much as Eileen’s callers were engaging in speech that betrayed them as impassioned individuals that knew little to nothing about Islam and Muslims, we were reminded of the alternative side of America via feedback we got on our voicemail of callers saying how much they appreciated Ahmed’s cool headed confidence and reason in the face of the bashing that was going on in that show, and how they are grateful for the opportunity to hear that side of Muslims so clearly expressed. “Keep up the struggle, the truth will prevail,” says a Danny.