Southwest News-Herald: Lecture Series On Islam to Be Offered

A set of lectures will be held Feb. 16 and 23 ad the Islamic Cultural Center, 1810 N. Pfingsten Road, Northbrook.

The program is called “Building Bridges to Islam” and includes lectures, question and answer sessions, open panel discussions, dinner, mosque tour, and prayer service.

“Our goal is to demystify Islam and Muslims and to show the true face of things as they stand,” Yaser Tabbara, executive director of CAIR-Chicago said. “Misunderstanding originates when a lack of communication is prevalent; this effort is truly about building bridges for a batter America.”

Guests are treated to two interactive lectures of Islam and Muslims, a Q&A town hall session, a tour of the mosque, prayer service, and a Middle-Eastern full course dinner. The program is designed to be informative, meaningful, and relevant. Added focus is given to audience participation in order to ensure full customization of the program in addressing their concerns.

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