Bad Reps in the Media

Response to Chicago Sun-Times’ “Bad P.R. for the U.S.”

In the Chicago Sun-Times article entitled “Bad PR for U.S.” published on August 24, 2005, I found a strange correlation to the commentary made in regard to Pat Robertson’s suggestion to assassinate President Hugo Chavez making Americans look bad and how unconstructive violence and hate used by people claiming to be Muslims give all Muslims a bad rep.

Although the discourse in the article about President Chavez was rather negative for a leader who has worked hard to provide his people with equal rights, and has even recently given six indigenous communities title to their ancestral land, moreover the comments made about America-haters seizing upon Robertson’s ravings are a reality to Muslims on a daily basis.

Anyone even remotely exposed to Robertson’s habits and views know that he does not represent the majority of Christians, yet many American’s and especially the media do not seem to make the same connection to Islam and acts done in the name of Islam by negative individuals plaguing our media. Just as it is unfair for anyone to view Robertson’s disposition as a representation of the U.S., should not the same apply to those who categorize Muslims and demand apologies from Muslim communities on isolated acts such as the bombings that occurred in London?