WBBM Newsradio 780: Cong. Davis Urges Limits, Early Sunset for Patriot Act

CHICAGO — Congressman Danny Davis has joined Muslims and Jews in urging a halt to erosion of liberty in the name of protecting liberty with the Patriot Act.

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Congressman Danny Davis has joined the Civil Liberties Coalition of Illinois in urging strict protection for civil rights when the Patriot Act comes up for reauthorization in the fall.

Davis quoted Ben Franklin as saying “Those who would trade liberty for short term safety deserve neither liberty or safety.”

Davis said: “There are those who are using the threat of terrorism to roll back the freedoms and rights which we currently enjoy.”

Davis and members of the Civil Liberties Coalition are urging the House-Senate conference committee in Washington to sunset the Patriot Act in four years instead of the ten years voted by the House.

Davis also is urging the conference committee to place strict controls over investigators wishing to sort through the medical, library and financial records of American citizens.

Davis joined the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs and the Council on American-Islamic Relations in urging limits and controls on the Patriot Act which will come up for examination and reauthorization by the House Senate conference committee this Fall.

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