Hanania is for Freedom

Response to Daily Herald’s “Hanania’s way would spell end of freedom”
In his letter “Hanania’s way would spell end of freedom,” (Aug. 13) Al Andreoni claims that Ray Hanania calls for the “appeasement and pacification” of the American people when dealing with terrorists. But what Hanania actually wants is an end to the senseless and inhuman characterization of Muslims, the same characterization that Andreoni displays in his letter. Hanania’s way will not end freedom; rather by calling for an end to ethnic profiling and also urging Muslims to speak out against all terrorism, he is symbolizing the zenith of freedom. Just as Andreoni would expect Muslims to silence the fanatics among them that call for the destruction of the United States, Hanania should demand that the voices of anti-Muslim hate be shut up. Freedom does not mean that one can call for hatred against a group of people because a few of them have been characterized as the enemy. Rather freedom requires that everyone be judged by only his or her own actions.