Muslims Lead Average American Lives

Response to Chicago Tribune’s : “U.S. Muslims span 2 worlds: Unlike in Europe, assimilation succeeds”

I would like to thank the Tribune for a great article on the ability of Muslim-Americans to bridge two worlds (“U.S. Muslims span 2 worlds,” Metro, Aug. 12). The article does a good job of working towards assuring the American people that their Muslim neighbors are not here to destroy them, but rather here to lead an average American life just like them. The article does another significant thing: it gives people who wonder why there are Muslims who turn to terrorism an explanation. The journalist writes in the end that Muslim girls in France cannot wear the head scarf, that Moroccans in the Netherlands are barred from night clubs and that in Germany, Muslim organizations cannot teach in public schools, while Christian and Jewish groups are allowed to do so. Perhaps once these hurtful and racist policies are expunged from these so-called democratic nations, then Muslims will feel welcomed and no longer threatened to the point that they turn to terrorism.