Responding to “Reverend Terminator” Article

Response to Chicago Tribune’s “Reverend Terminator”

In regard to evangelical Rev. Pat Robertson’s suggestion of the assassination of Venezuela president, your editorial “Reverend Terminator,” (Editorial, Aug. 24) said, “His words aren’t representative of people of faith.”

I hope that you apply the same rule about any comments from so-called “Islamic” Terrorists. Their comments also do not represent the Islamic faith or the opinions of Muslims worldwide.

I am wondering though, why are the Muslims being asked repeatedly to respond and condemn any comments and actions of “Muslim” extremists; and the same rule does not apply to Evangelical, Christian or Jews?

Muslims are not more responsible for the idiocy of such comments more than people of other faiths, whether they are evangelical, Catholic or Jews.

At the same time I can’t but wonder, if one million evangelicals do watch regularly the news from Rev. Pat Robertson and contribute to the 700 Club; then they should be asked to condemn his remarks and to stop their contribution to his extremist agenda.

Mohammed Z. Sahloul

Council of Islamic Organization of Greater Chicago