Shameful Display of Democracy

Response to Daily Herald’s “Poll: Patriot Act mystery to most”

While our country struggles to ensure democracy grows all over the world, it seems that our politicians forget that we already have an established democracy here at home, one that holds them accountable to the American people. This responsibility is ignored when it comes to the Patriot Act, which both the House and Senate voted to renew despite its baffling objectives and provisions (“Poll: Patriot Act mystery to most,” Aug. 31).

A democracy entails not only having citizens vote, but also that they know what their government is actually doing. The fact that Congress voted to renew the act despite only 42 percent of Americans knowing what it entails is a shame. Some provisions have very minimal support, including only 23 percent wanting to allow for secret searches of Americans’ homes. Yet there is no move by lawmakers to strike this clause from the act; instead it and others were extended and even made permanent. This government cannot continue to preach for democracy and then ignore the fact that it itself does not want true democracy for its own country.