The Rusty Humphries Show: Ahmed Rehab on the Rusty Humphries Show: Setting the Right-Wing Right

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CAIR-Chicago Director of Communications, Ahmed Rehab, speaks to Rusty Humphries on his popular right wing show along with fellow guest, Peter James of the anti-Muslim “United American Committee” group.

The topic of the debate was Islam and terrorism.

Rehab argues that terrorism is not rooted in Islam or religion but in political disempowerment and regional/global power struggles even though it may exploit religion as a strategy for attaining legitimicay. Rehab argues that Muslims themselves have been the victims of terrorism (and continue to be) long before others have. Rehab decried the taking of innocent lives as “unislamic” and referenced the recent popular Muslim American fatwa against terrorism. He states that all reasonable people should unite in the effort to intercept destruction at the hands of lunatics from any persuasion – whether they be from the Jewish, Christian, or Muslim communities.

Peter James spoke of the Prophet Muhammad’s “sexual exploits”.

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