Both Sides Have Work to Do

Response to Chicago Tribune’s “Terrorists Keep the Chaos Going in Gaza”

In the Chicago Tribune article, Terrorists keep the chaos going in Gaza, Victor Davis Hanson does nothing more than point fingers and demonize the Palestinian people. It is true that the Palestinian Authority has seriously lacked in making progress in peace and solidarity with Israel. But the Israeli government is far from “welcoming a democratic Palestinian state” as Hanson claims in his article. The mere removal of Jewish settlements in the occupied territory is not a grand step for peace on Israeli side when there is many innocent Palestinians that die daily at the hands of the Israeli government.

As on any issue, it is easy for someone, such as Hanson to speak on issues that seem black in white and take a side. Yet it is a whole other story when one experiences it first hand, when the rhetoric of the oppressed comes true. To be so bold as to insinuate that the Palestinians are not an oppressed people, as Hanson did very blatantly, is a comment that should be retracted. It is a fact that the Palestinians are severely kept down by a government that pushed them off of their land and terrorizes them repeatedly. I understand that this could sound like mere rhetoric, not backed up by any evidence. I will point you in the direction of the United Nations, and say that if the international body of government views the occupation of Palestine as unjust, then should we not respect that and perhaps see through a lens other than the one provided by one-sided reporting?

The Palestinian government has a lot to work on and the situation should not be compared to the situation in Iraq. Different histories make for very different futures. Also Hanson’s strong language in describing the Palestinian use of force as being conducted by “warlords and gangs” is comical and seems like the dialogue from 1960’s mobster film. If Abbas “must unambiguously accept the existence of the Jewish state” then should not Sharon accept a Palestinian state? If just a little research is done prior to one-sided commentary, it can be discovered that both the Palestinians and the Israelis are to blame for the unstable state of the country.