CAIR-Chicago Successfully Helps Resolve Prison Complaint

CAIR-Chicago Civil Rights Department assisted in creating better conditions for a nearby county jail. An individual working closely with the chaplain of a prison facility contacted CAIR-Chicago with what was observed to be unequal treatment of Muslim inmates and unequal representation of Islam.

The prison facility reportedly requires inmates to take a test if they request a copy of the Qur’an to determine whether the person is actually Muslim. CAIR-Chicago assisted the prison chaplain in confronting the head chaplain about the issues facing Muslim inmates wanting to practice their religion. The chaplain reports that conditions are definitely improving. Copies of the Qur’an are now readily available to anyone who requests them. An individual has also been delegated to make sure that the supply of Qur’ans is constantly replenished.

In addition, the chaplain reports, “There is now an open discussion of the rights and needs of ALL those served by the chaplain’s office.” CAIR-Chicago is pleased to see that progress is being made in the county jail and will continue to work to defend the rights of Muslim inmates in the area.

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