Lack of Investigation is Disgraceful

Response to Sun-Times’ “No Charges in Web site of War Dead”

It is hard to understand how the investigation of soldiers allegedly posting photographs of Iraqi corpses on the internet in exchange for access to online pornography has already been dismissed because of lack of evidence. With as much technology as the U.S. Army has, why can it not be concluded without a doubt that soldiers did not post pictures of Iraqi war dead? It is a crime that sheds bad light on the U.S. presence in Iraq, similar to the inhumane photographs taken of Iraqi prisoners, and the matter should be investigated. It does not seem like a grueling task to check the source of the postings of photographs, and the dismissal displays the disinterest of the Army in this serious situation. For the families of the dead Iraqis and for the sake of our nation’s image, this deserves a full investigation and that individuals be punished for their actions.