Post-Tribune: Political notebook : They Want An Apology

The civil rights organization — Council on American-Islamic Relations-Chicago Chapter — is looking for an apology from those responsible for a Chesterton Fourth of July parade float. Characters depicting Uncle Sam were pulling a Middle Eastern character representing Osama bin Laden in a turban and blood-spattered robe, and wearing a leash around his neck.

The organization, which says the float was disparaging to Muslims, many of whom are Americans, may be waiting for a while.

It hasn’t been able to contact the Duneland Festival Committee, which puts on the parade and which awarded first place Patriotic Award to the float, submitted by Supporters of the Military.

Civil Rights coordinator Christina Abraham said the organization decided to write the Town Council for its help in contacting the committee after several unsuccessful attempts.

The council accepted the letter at its meeting last Monday, but Council President Mike Bannon said the town was not responsible for the float, arguing that the town’s only involvement was to approve a parade.

Supporters of the Military, as well as the Duneland Festival Committee, have remained silent on the issue.

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